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Good news

Posted by Lewis on January 22, 2004

In Reply to: Are you sure? posted by Brad on January 21, 2004

: : : : : : : : Anyone have a url with info on the origin of God's Own Country? Cheers

: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : It's a well known fact that God's own country is England and, contrary to the opinion of a few Yorkshire men who should know better, God's own county is Surrey, which probably accounts for the fact that God actually lives in Godalming Surrey. See local electoral register for proof of this.

: : : : : : Having worked in Surrey (Sutton) this Kiwi would argue that his country is much more God's own than England/Surrey. Still doesn't explain the origin of the phrase tho', and I'd like to know.

: : : : : Here's one claimant - Richard John Seddon (1845-1906), the Kumara publican who survived bankruptcy to become New Zealand's most dominating political figure. From
: : : : : He died suddenly, of a coronary attack, as he ended a hectic tour of Australia and shortly after telegraphing the Victorian State Premier: "Just returning to God's own country" - a telegram that gives rise to the legend that it was he who first coined the phrase now sometimes abbreviated to Godzone.
: : : : : I doubt that we shall agree on a single source for this phrase!

: : : : I think Semple was predated by the poem entitled "God's Own Country" witten by Thomas Bracken circa 1890. Bracken was born in Ireland but settled in New Zealand, and is better known for writing God Defend New Zealand, the national anthem. I presume God's Own Country is something about NZ. I'm seeking the words, and will post something further if relevant.

: : : Seddon, not Semple

: : (Seddon was the name of a famous murderer BTW)

: : Living in Surrey, which contains the M25 which shares the appellation of 'the Road to Hell' with the M6 near Manchester, I suppose that Surrey must be a contender, along with West Virginia.

: : New Zealand contains Mordor and is technically 'Middle-Earth'. You can't claim that a country which has orcs, goblins, trolls and the occasional dragon wandering around would be 'God's own country'. Everybody knows that God must be an Englishman, after all He speaks in English in the Bible...

: : (that is, apart from a peculiar Scottish one where only Satan speaks English - yeah right, the Devil moved the ball as McAllister took the kick...see you in Portugal lads...)

: I live in aussie, born in south africa lived in new zealand half way in between for 10 years, far as im concerned new zealand is Godzone, gods own zone, and quite frankly, thats the end of all this hoohaa.
: ps australia sucks

Kylie sucks?
Well that's nice to know!