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Deciphering sayings

Posted by Bookworm on January 13, 2004

In Reply to: Deciphering sayings posted by R. Berg on January 13, 2004

: : I have been asked to decipher the following sayings which contain the initials only of the words which give the answer. For example: F the ST the R = "From the sublime to the ridiculous"
: : What are the following: Any help would be much appreciated
: : CR-H
: : M a SA a D
: : S the DA the HHB
: : LTYT
: : TO be WATE
: : and this, which refers to a book, play, film or opera etc:
: : TR of TJ

: : Thanks, Keith Macgregor

: You might try the alphabetical list in the Meanings and Origins section of this site.

TR of TJ - The Return of the Jedi?