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Mud daubing

Posted by ESC on December 27, 2003

In Reply to: A reading comprehension posted by Fred on December 27, 2003

: : : Hi folks,
: : : Please read this small passage and help me with these:
: : : 1.When Abe told Mr.Crawford what had happended to the book, he talked _B__

: : : A.mockingly
: : : B.humorously
: : : C.unconcernedly

: : : (Why choose B as answer here?)

: : : 2.Do you know what is a weather side?

: : : 3.Could you explain this sentence "How came you to forget..."

: : : It seems ungrammatical! We can only use "how come that...?" to express our surprise, and the tense of "come" is never changed!

: : : Thanks!!!!!

: : 1. I don't think any of these choices fit. Just from the text, it doesn't sound like he was mocking or joking. Abe was being straightforward but he was concerned. Abe had a reputation for joking, maybe that's why the choice was B.

: : 2. The part of the daubing or whatever he called it, that faced the outside of the cabin and was exposed to weather.

: : 3. Maybe that is an old way of speaking.

: 'How came you to forget' = 'What caused you to forget'

To answer your question from the other thread, mud daubing is part of log cabin construction. They filled in the cracks between the logs with mud to keep out the wind, rain and snow.