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Posted by Brad on January 25, 2004

In Reply to: Wanker posted by Lotg on January 24, 2004

: During a deep & meaningful session at the local pub, the term wanker was raised (as oft is in a pub). The the lads, showing an unprecedented interest in the origins of our language wondered how the term had come about. (No pun intended).

: Anyway, we all presumably know what the act of wanking is, but the question raised was, why is this seen as derogatory when it's such a common activity? And therefore, why has the term wanker come to mean someone who is a well errr wally?

Originally wanker means someone who is lazy and actually had nothing to do with masturbating.
not too sure how the 2 words finally got asociated, maybe because if someone is lazy all they do is sit at home and.....