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Arse over (small bird)

Posted by Rude Boy on November 14, 2003

In Reply to: Arse over teakettle posted by SR on November 13, 2003

: : This is a popular phrase that seems to be missing in your website. It is also spelt "Ass over teakettle". Don't know if this is Canadian or not, though I've seen "arse over turkey" in the Penguin Dictionary of Historical Slang (UK).
: : It means, taking a tumble, i.e. going "head over heels".
: ++Check the archives under "ass end over a teakettle"

"Arse over tit" = falling forwards
"Going t i t s up" = slipping over backwards

Are such things as 'teakettles' where a rude word is replaced by one of the same letter or sounding similar - still "euphemisms" or is there a more specific word?