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Please respond. I'll be grateful for any help offered!

Posted by Hanni on October 19, 2003

In Reply to: 'Got the hyacinths' - does this sound familiar? posted by Hanni on October 19, 2003

: From Darwins's biography, written by Randal Keynes
: (Darwin's wife, Emma, has her first baby):
: '... Emma wrote in her diary: "Baby smiled for the first time." And the next day, as she thought of spring flowers in the dirt and cold
: of the London winter, "Baby made little noises. Got the hyacinths." ...'

: "Got the hyacinths" - do you have any idea as to what she could have meant by this?
: Does this have anything to do with the baby?
: Do hyacinths have any special cultural meaning, or did they in victorian times?
: Or did she simply get a bouquet of flowers?

Desperately need to understand this as I'm translating this book into my own language, and must be sure about this.