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See you shouldn't have trusted me!!!!!

Posted by Lotg on September 30, 2003

In Reply to: You can trust me!!!!! posted by Lotg on September 30, 2003

: : : : Why would anyone need to 'beg' to differ or disagree? 'Begs' the question, falls into the same category. Was the use of the word 'beg' once softer? ie. Did beg, simply mean 'ask' once, and since then the word has grown to be more 'pleading' than 'asking'?

: : : From Merriam-Webster online:

: : : Main Entry: beg
: : : Pronunciation: 'beg
: : : Function: verb
: : : Inflected Form(s): begged; beg·ging
: : : Etymology: Middle English beggen
: : : Date: 13th century
: : : transitive senses
: : : 1 : to ask for as a charity
: : : 2 a : to ask earnestly for : ENTREAT b : to require as necessary or appropriate
: : : 3 a : EVADE, SIDESTEP b : to pass over or ignore by assuming to be established or settled

: : To "beg to differ" is one of those expressions often used in arguments, where the parties are adopting an air of chilly supercilious politeness. Similar is the expression "with respect", which frequently is followed by a statement that carries zero respect at all.

: ::: Hmmm yes. 'With respect', well observed. It makes me think how many other terms are used that way.

: eg. When people begin their sentence with 'To tell the truth' or 'in all honesty' - they're probably lying.

: And of course, let's not forget the old standby - 'you can trust me'. Sure you can!!!!

: Actually, my two examples are not really on the same track. They're not sarcastic, just dishonest.

: I'd be interested to hear other variations.
: Any offerings?

OK, before you all yell at me. I just found the earlier entry headed 'lies, lies all lies'.