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Carry on Columbus

Posted by Rude Boy on September 05, 2003

In Reply to: Believing blindly posted by ESC on September 05, 2003

: : : : Hi! I am trying to write a piece..does anyone know a better phrase than "Before believing blindly.." I am trying to say that dont take everything at face value and think for yourself...Would appreciate any suggestions..thank u!

: : : : Rani
: : : : x

: : : The Writer's Digest Flip Dictionary says: believing too easily -- credulous, gullible, naive.

: : Make up your own mind, look into it a little more deeply, don't follow blindly, take a step back to see it more clearly.

: Then there's the expression "swallow whole." As in (from Merriam-Webster): Swallow -- Meaning 3 : to accept without question, protest, or resentment -- swallow an insult, a hard story to swallow.

: He didn't question her story. He swallowed it whole.

Not always a good choice of expression:

Sarah Crowe looking at sea "Those sharks look dangerous! Would they swallow me whole?"

Gag-liner: (Jack Douglas? Maureen Lipman?)
"No, I think they spit out that bit"

boom, boom!