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Origin of the term "Spanish Inquisition"

Posted by Hecan on October 09, 2003

In Reply to: Didn't expect that! posted by Lewis on October 09, 2003

the term "Spanish Inquisition" derives from the Roman Inquisition and the term itself comes from 'enquire' or 'investigation'

in the middle ages there were many heressies (albigensi, cathari, etc, I suggest you read Umberto Eco's Name of the Rose about this period) and the popes sent investigators to various countries to curtail and persecute heretics.

the Spanish Inquisition originated in 1478 when Ferdinad and Isabella, joint king and queen of Castille and Aragon got special permission from the pope to create a Court called TRIBUNAL DE LA SANTA INQUISICION known by the colloquial term of EL SANTO OFICIO which became a cruel tool for persecuting jews and heretics alike and even to obtain cheap labour because anybody suspected of contrary views to the official catholic line was sent to the galleys for a minimum of 3 years and the more flagrant cases were public burnings at the stake known as 'AUTOS DE FE'; it was finally abolished in 1834