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Don't criticize me so seriously

Posted by GPP on August 23, 2003

In Reply to: Don't criticize me so seriously; ;) I'm so ashamed, and I'll remember this next time (empty) posted by sphinx on August 23, 2003

: (empty)

sphinx, I apologize to you; there's no need for shame or embarrassment. I was just passing along a suggestion that's been made here from time to time, that it's much easier for the others to follow the thread when earlier posts are left in place instead of being erased. It's a mechanical thing--some other discussion sites are organized in a way so that it's easier when only the newest reply is displayed.

I certainly hope you weren't embarrassed by my discussing the word 'couldn't' with you. Many visitors here are learning English as a second language, and we have a notoriously difficult language to learn. To some extent we're all of us in the same pickle, but some less underwater than others. (How's THAT for English?) :-)