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Posted by Doris on July 10, 2003

In Reply to: This Forum posted by Lewis on July 07, 2003

: : : : : I must say that in those moments when I need a bit of light relief from working, this board offers a pleasant diversion. I work without many people nearby and we are generally too busy to find time to chat during hte working day.
: : : : : Not only does this forum offer a bit of light relief, it is informative and thought-provoking.

: : : : : Last night, I heard Sheffield Hallam University mentioned and realised "shu" - so is this board run by THAT shu and if so, why?
: : : : : (at first I thought it was US-based - D'Oh!)

: : : : : Anybody know?

: : : : While SHU generously donates the hardware on which this forum resides, the site is the brainchild and unique creation of Gary Martin, polymath, parton and proprietor.

: : : The site is British. But Mr. Martin allows Americans to come here and play.

: : Thank goodness!

: So, Mr Martin is the British Dolly? I think not - perhaps he is our host, and we his patrons - for otherwise he may think he is a Saint.
: Whoevever and whatever - our grateful thanks for an interesting diversion and resource.

I've only just discovered this forum. I find it fascinating and informative. I've used it twice in two days to seek information that has really been "bugging" my mind, and have received the answers promptly. So whoever Mr. Martin is he has my heatfelt thanks for starting it.