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"Intention Tremors"

Posted by James Briggs on May 22, 2003

In Reply to: "Intention Tremors" posted by ESC on May 21, 2003

: : Hello! To all my fellow "C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigators"-watchers, a question......Recently Grissom (or Caine?) asked a suspect with trembling hands if the reason was an "intention tremor". Could someone explain this condition? I have been unable to find any explanation on my own. Is it just another name for "the shakes", from being hauled in for questioning?
: : Thanks in advance,
: : Bella.

: I googled it. Looks to be a medical term:

: intention tremor - General Practice Notebook
: intention tremor. Intention tremor describes a tremor which is worse
: during voluntary movement.

It's a term used in neurological medicine. It describes a tremor which takes place when someone tries to make a deliberate, precise, movement, such as touching the nose. This nose touching is often used to detect such tremors. The tremors themselves are common in Parkinson's disease but not exclusive to it.
Just so that you know that I know what I'm talking about, I'll sign off formally!!

James Briggs, MBBS, DPath, FRCPath