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Flushed Out

Posted by TheFallen on June 04, 2003

In Reply to: Flushed Out posted by ESC on June 04, 2003

: :
: : Need help again.

: : We should wait until this thing is more
: : fully flushed out. Then, we will see what
: : we should do next.

: : what does "more fully flushed out" mean here?

: : Thanks!

: Could it be "fleshed out"?

I don't think so. The following from the American Heritage Dictionary:

*** Start Snip ***

1. To frighten (a game bird, for example) from cover.
2. To drive or force into the open: The police fired tear gas to flush out the terrorists.

1. To dart out or fly from cover.

1. A bird or flock of birds that has been frightened from cover.

ETYMOLOGY: Middle English flusshen.

*** End Snip ***

To flush something out is to expose it, or to reveal its true nature and/or purpose.