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Song writer ideas

Posted by R. Berg on May 28, 2003

In Reply to: Song writer ideas posted by ESC on May 28, 2003

: : I'm a song writer, and I need some catchy phraises to write a song about. any ideas? things like..."take one for the team"- refering to get the ugly girl so your buddy gets hooked up. Funny stuff like that. any ideas?

: Well, that phrase sure is interesting. But I don't quite understand what it means. Can you give more details?

: Offhand I'd recommend a book -- "Wolfpen Notebooks: A Record of Appalachian Life" by James Still (University Press of Kentucky, 1991). You should be able to get a copy at your local library through interlibrary loan. Mr. Still spent a lifetime collecting phrases heard in his neighbors' conversation.

: I can't make them rhyme but I think there are some songs in there somewhere.

: "There were so many of us...our pap and ma just named us and turned us loose."

: "...when he (took) his first step as a baby, he headed for the door."

: "...hard-growing-up and killing-dead-time on Troublesome Creek..."

: Explaining marriage at a young age: We fell down and "didn't get up quick enough."

: Land-ownership: "Heaven-high and hell-deep."

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