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Editorial fariness or balance

Posted by Henry on May 24, 2003

In Reply to: Editorial fariness or balance posted by Celia on May 24, 2003

: Hi,

: Could anyone help me with the bracketed sentence? I don't quite understand?

: Expressions of opinion could be included in the newscast through studio interviews. These 'live' segements facilitated a stronger sense of immediacy, for spontaneous or 'off the cuff' remarks added a degree of excitement (that might have otherwise been denied in the name of editorial fairness or balance. )

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: Celia

The television news programme had to maintain (political) fairness and balance. Pre-recorded interviews can be edited to preserve balance. It is harder to control live interviews. There may be off-the-cuff comments which exceed the usual rules of balance and which the programme would not usually be allowed to broadcast, i.e. the programme would be denied the opportunity to broadcst them.