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Uranid: a guess

Posted by Miri Barak on June 29, 2003

In Reply to: Uranid: a guess posted by DGW on June 29, 2003

: : : : This name is supposed to indicate an ancient culture or myth as appears from the following text:

: : : : "The whole perspective, however, has recently changed with the discovery of Hittite texts containing translations of Hurrian myths. These myths parallel the URANID cycle in such striking detail as to preclude any possibility of coincidence."

: : : : I could not find any information regarding this Uranid cycle anywhere in English or in Hebrew. If anyone is familiar with ancient cluture and with this in particular, I'll be most grateful for any hint.

: : : : Thank you
: : : : miri

: : : Could it refer to the Bashkirs? They were an Indo-European tribe of people who later became known as the Turks. They were nomadic and ranged from the what is now Russia through Turkey and Armenia. The Ancient Arabs and Greeks called them the "Uran", among other things. Just a guess.

: : word camel - I followed your lead and looked in google for Ind-European mythology and found a site about Armenian and it is clearly said that their mythology is parallel to that of Hittite and Hurrian and they mention certain myths that appear in my text too.
: : But I need some confirmation to this, I'm not sure whether for sure Armenians and these Uranid.
: : Anyway I feel that this was an educated guess,
: : and thank you very much.

: I think "Uranid" is a peculiar adjective like "Uranian", meaning "referring to Uranus". Uranus is the Latinized name of the Greek sky-god Ouranos, I guess. This god would be equated to the Hurrian god Anu, I think: both were castrated by their sons, and the myths are similar otherwise.

Thank you DGW for your answer, which makes perfect sense in the context, because in previous chapter talks about Uranus and the castration.
Thanks a lot