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Could you solve a few problems in this short passage for me?

Posted by Sphinx on June 28, 2003

Beckham, 28, signed a four-year contract with the Spanish team and he is expected to earn around 7 million dollars a year.

Real Madrid is the only club that can match United's appeal. And Beckham, one of the best-selling men in the world, will provide plenty of chances for them to making money.
(I think this sentence pattern should be "provide something for somebody to DO something", not "provide sth. for sb. to DOING sth.")

Beckham lead a celebrity lifestyle that has not always been liked by his coach Alex Ferguson. Although Beckham joined United as a schoolboy and once called Ferguson "his second father", their relationship has been difficult in the last few years.

After United was knocked out of the FA Cup in February, an angry Ferguson kicked a boot in the changing room. It cut Beckham above the eye.
("an" angry Ferguson? Ferguson's name is not mentioned for the first time here, so I think it should be "the". Or is it used to emphasis something?)