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Build on sand

Posted by R. Berg on April 29, 2003

In Reply to: Not to build at all posted by Fred on April 29, 2003

: : : Hi,

: : : I am not sure about the meaning about the following sentence. Please give me a hand. Thanks a lot.

: : : My response is to say that it is better to build on what might conceivably be sand but has so far given no signs of weakness than not to build at all.

: : : Celia

: : It's better to built on what might be sand rather than not build at all.

: Do something rather than nothing!
: Better to have loved and lost than never to have
: loved at all.

The metaphor "to build on sand" describes the act of constructing something with a bad foundation. For example, somebody puts together an argument that starts from a shaky premise or assumption. The writer of your sentence is saying that his premise may be questionable but it hasn't been proved false. He would rather proceed with making his case than make no case at all.