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Alluviating expert

Posted by ESC on April 16, 2003

In Reply to: Eluviation posted by R.Berg on April 16, 2003

: : ELUVIATION EXPERT - "Contra Costa officials said they contacted an 'eluviation' expert - someone who studies how water affects corpses - to determine roughly how long the bodies were in the water." From "Identifying bodies in California to take time," by Jennifer Coleman, Associated Press, Courier Journal, Louisville, Ky., April 16, 2003.

: American Heritage Dict.:

: Eluviation: Internal movement of soil from place to place when rainfall exceeds evaporation.

: Alluvium: Any sediment deposited by flowing water, as in a river bed, flood plain, or delta.

".an alluviating expert, who studies the effect of water on decomposition, was being brought in to determine how long the body had been in the water." "Is It Laci Peterson?" April 16, 2003.