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Info please

Posted by TheFallen on April 07, 2003

In Reply to: Info please posted by Inuit on April 07, 2003

: : : I was told this but they won't tell me what it means. "He's a good little boy, but he s h i ts by the iglo." Please help me.

: : S**ting in your own nest means doing bad things in or near your home. (If you're up to no good, it's best to do the deed out of town.) Maybe the two expressions mean the same.

: One should never crap outside your igloo - in the same way as you should not s h i t onyour own doorstep. If you are going to do questionable things, do not do them where they will cause you and yours embarrassment. The expression often relates to infidelity - i.e. if you have an affair, do not go to the places where you might be seen - for your partner's sake as much as for not getting caught. It connotes that there is an angle of not humilitaing somebody else as well as simply not getting caught.

In similar vein and since the previous poster mentioned affairs, there's a British saying encapsulating much the same advice, but this time with reference to the workplace - "never poke the payroll".