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New coinage

Posted by Sauerkraut on April 06, 2003

In Reply to: New coinage posted by Anders on April 06, 2003

Thanks for the idea and the reply, Anders. Unfortunately, my "new word" is derogatory, so I'm afraid a web site would associate me with the term. Since I have neither the talent or the time to write a book, that's also not an option for me.

So, I'll publish my new word here. If anybody can find it in a dictionary, please let me know.

Here's how it goes: a good and widely used word is ANESTHESIA - derived from Greek, and defined by Meriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary as "loss of sensation...".

Another good word, though less widely used is KINESTHESIA - also defined in the above dictionary. Basically, it is that abilty that we have to know where our body parts are in relation to each other. Thus,in complete darkness, we are able to touch any of our fingers to our nose - unless, of course, something is messing with our brain, thereby giving rise to one of the classic field tests for intoxication.

That brings us to my "new" word - AKINESTHESIA - formed by adding the prefix A as used in the first word above. My new word can then be used to describe people we all know who CAN'T FIND THEIR BUTT WITH BOTH HANDS. In conversation about one of these widely found sorts, one could say "Oh, you'll have to excuse him/her. He/she suffers from AKINESTHESIA.

That ought to send them to their dictionaries!

: Well, you could always write a book or a screenplay, and use this new word of yours in such charming ways that it would catch on and eventually make it to the dictionaries. However, even Mike Myers's 'babelicious' and 'shagadelic' still appear only in dictionaries of slang, I think. So, I would recommend another way, which is shorter and far simpler: Use it as a domain name on the Internet! If the word is indeed a novelty, you should be able to get the .com version. Throw in .net, .org, .biz, etc. in proportion to your ambition. Please tell us, what is this new word of yous? (Better buy it first, though.)
: Best regards
: Anders

: : I believe I have coined a new word based on a word in good standing by adding a modifying prefix letter. The word in good standing appears in many dictionaries, but the modification can't be found anywhere.

: : Is there any way I can claim "title" to this new word?