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Schadenfreude - an update

Posted by R. Berg on April 01, 2003

In Reply to: Schadenfreude - an update posted by James Briggs on April 01, 2003

: Some suggestions were published in today's Times.

: Further to your previous answer (Q&A, March 28), while working in Germany I was asked by a German colleague how "Schadenfreude" translates into English. Knowing of no single-word translation, I looked it up and found it translated as "malicious glee".
: What is odd is that I found this information not in a dictionary, but in a publication entitled Helpful Hints and Friendly Advice for the Traveller.
: Paul Arden-Griffith, London SE18

: What about the Beowulfian "mischanceglee"or the more Orwellian "woedelight"?
: John Mumford, Glasgow

: Flopjoy? Fallglee? Tripgiggle? Failfun? Crashlaugh? There are lots.
: James McGrory, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

: What about "malisfaction"?
: M. F. Wilson, Doncaster

: "Servesuright".
: John O?Byrne, Dublin

Good answers! My vote goes to "malisfaction."