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A day's work for a day's pay

Posted by ESC on February 14, 2003

In Reply to: A day's work for a day's pay posted by Antoinette on February 14, 2003

: Can anybody tell me what the phrase "a day's work for a day's pay" means? I need to translate this saying into german. However I am not sure whether I understood it correctly.

I am away from my library so I can't give you references at this point. But this phrase (to me) is about being an honest, good employee. The worker gives his/her employer a FULL day's work for a day's pay. If you are paid for eight hours, you are hard at work for eight hours. Not drinking coffee and gossiping with co-workers.

In modern terms, it is about not being a slacker, a goof-off or a goldbricker. You don't cheat your employer.