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"blows" and Freudian slip

Posted by Q on November 26, 2002

In Reply to: "Blows" and Freudian slip posted by Word Camel on November 26, 2002

: : I have two questions to ask.

: : 1. What does it mean when an american says "That place blows"?

: : 2. What is "Fruedian slip"? Also what does any phrase starting with 'Fruedian' mean?

: : Thanks a lot for your help,
: : Prakash

: 1) That place blows. This means that the place is no good. I think the word "blows" in this case refers to vomitting. So, in other words, that place was so bad it made me want to vomit.

: 2)A Freudian slip is something said unintentionally that reveals one's true thoughts. It's call "Freudian" because Freud theorised that all people have both a conscious and unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is a mechanism for dealing with thoughts or feelings that have been repressed by the conscious mind. Sometimes the things people repress are revealed unintentionally through slips of the tongue (Freudian slips), dreams or psychoanalysis. I don't know of other phrases that begin with the word Freudian but I have heard things referred to as "Freudian" as a way of indicating that they bear some relation to some of Freud's theories, usually the Oedipus "complex" or "penis envy".

: And example of a Freudian slip is as follows: A friend of mine and his photography teacher had a mutual crush on each other. His teacher made an embarrassing slip by asking him to step in to the "bed" with her, when she was in fact asking him to step into the hall.

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