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Jimmy Riddle

Posted by Barney on November 25, 2002

In Reply to: Jimmy Riddle posted by James Briggs on November 25, 2002

: : I have always understood that he was a famous jockey in his day.

: Jimmy Riddle is rhyming slang for 'to have a piddle'. 'Piddle' is colloquial for urinating. Anyone with a surname of 'Riddle' is more than likely to get the nickname 'Jimmy', just like many Murphys are called 'Spud' and Whites are called 'Blanco'. Many of these associations are common in the Military, but less so elsewhere. I bet the Jockey's real first name was not Jimmy!

The only racing link I can find is to the "Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital" in Lexington Virginia named after - I assume - a William A. Rood, D.V.M. and W. Thomas Riddle, D.V.M. who are both senior members of staff.