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Don't want to throw ...

Posted by R. Berg on December 24, 2002

In Reply to: Don't want to throw your money on the table and get a lemon ... posted by Bruce Kahl on December 24, 2002

: : : : Hi all! What does the expression mean? Something to do with taking risks? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

: : : A "lemon" refers to an item or device which does not function properly.
: : : For instance, if you purchase a brand new automobile and you constantly need to bring it back to the dealer to have it fixed, you have purchased a "lemon".
: : : Here in NY there are "Lemon Laws" which spell out your rights as a consumer with regards to purchasing such items.

: : I think this comes from gaming machines, where an image of a lemon is not good news if one comes up as part of the those displayed. Correct?

: ...or maybe from the face one makes if one bites into a very acidy lemon.

Gaming machines of one kind deliver some coins back to the gambler if three identical pictures show on the display, unless they're pictures of lemons. If lemons, one gets nothing. But using those machines doesn't involve throwing money on the table. That would be a different kind of gambling.

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