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The Name

Posted by Word Camel on December 19, 2002

In Reply to: Phrase Finder: The Next Generation posted by Shae on December 18, 2002

: : : Forgive me for a totally unphrase-related post, but it only seems fair to thank the board collectively for your intelligence, wit and good humour. It helped keep me sane (relatively) throughout a difficult pregnancy.

: : : My Phrase Finder be around long enough for my son to be able to enjoy it. And may he learn to spell better than his mum.

: : : Warmest thanks and regards,

: : : Word Camel

: : Congratulations! And where's the photo? Of course, we'll understand if you don't have time for such frivolities.

: Congratulations from this part of the world too! I sincerely hope you and Master Cameleen are in fine fettle! You might tell us his name so we can raise a glass to him.

Well, I've be pleased and proud. His name is Sean.

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