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Arsenal have a good football team. "Have?!"

Posted by TheFallen on October 18, 2002

In Reply to: Arsenal have a good football team. "Have?!" posted by Daniel A. on October 18, 2002

: What's with the British? When did they change the fundamental rules concerning noun/verb conjugations.

We British are the custodians of all that's good, correct and holy within the English language, I'll have you know - we're effectively linguistic and grammatical Templars. "Arsenal have..." is of course strictly speaking wrong - we'd never say "Canterbury have a famous cathedral", for example, because there's no concept of a plural at all - but more and more often the concept of an implied plural within certain singular subjects is leading to at least a colloquial usage of a plural verb form.

Of course there is one other glaring error within your quoted sentence, that being its total failure to recognise that Arsenal's football team is actually a bunch of overpaid prancing no-hopers who have just got a little lucky recently.

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