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Another thinG coming

Posted by Ed Stansell on October 11, 2002

In Reply to: Another thinG coming posted by ESC on October 11, 2002

: : : Can anyone help solve an office argument?

: : : Is the following phrase correct:

: : : If you think that then you've got another thing coming;

: : : Or should it be

: : : If you think that then you've got another think coming?

: : It is definitely "another think".

: No evidence, just another opinion: I believe the original phrase was: "If you think XX, you've got another THING coming." But somewhere along the line it mutated to "'ve got another THINK coming." I first heard "think" used by a Disney character.

I know how you folks love documentation, but I don't have any. But this one is in very current usage so we should get by without doc.
When someone says that they think this or that and you believe them to be wrong, you say "well, if you think that, then you've got another think comming." In my house we spoke better Enlish than that. When someone said, I think this or I thought that, we would say, you've got another thought coming.


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