Figurative language

Posted by Nth degree on February 10, 2002

In Reply to: Figurative language posted by ESC on February 07, 2002

: : What do the following phrases mean?

: : Heart of stone.
: : Rock bottom.
: : Gravel-voiced.
: : People who live glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
: : "Stonewall" Jackson.
: : "Rock" music.

: ROCK MUSIC A type of music. There are probably Web sites devoted to defining rock. Quotes online: "'The Blues had a baby,' the Muddy Waters song title declares, 'and they named it 'Rock and Roll.'" I thought this quote came from Little Richard. Another site agrees: "'Rhythm and blues had a baby and somebody named it rock and roll.' Little Richard." The phrase "rock and roll" originally referred to sex. As did "jazz." I'm sensing a pattern here.

I am sure that 'rock' in 'rock' music has the meaning 'sway back back and forth', as opposed to a stone type rock. Just thought I should mention it since all the other phrases reference the stone meaning.