Posted by Word Camel on April 01, 2002

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: Found an interesting origin:

: "Redskin" symbolizes the genocidal practice of paying white soldiers a bounty for the bloody skins of murdered American Indians.

: 990305reds.htm

: I can see how redskins could mean the skins of indians.

I thought the reference from the Salt Lake Tribune was interesting, but personally I think the claim seems a little far fetched.

It's well documented that whites were paid a bounty for scalps but without getting too gruesome, I think it's unlikely that producing a skin of a slain enemy for a bounty was practical. The process of flaying would be difficult and time consuming and then there's the whole issue of transporting the skins...

It's almost as if the claimants felt scapling - which was practiced by all sides, wasn't vile enough.

Who probably takes these things too literally