Product placement in films??

Posted by Masakim on November 27, 2001

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: : : I know I've heard a work for this!! For some reason I think it has some sort of jewish derivation but I'm not sure. I rally want to remember it but can'T can anyone help!!!

: : Are you thinking of the word "chutzpah"?
: : "Chutzpah" does not describe the act of blatant product placement but it does describe the self confidence someone has in trying to pull it off without being detected.

: I couldn't find a slang term for obvious "product placement." Here's what it says in the "Filmmaker's Dictionary" by Ralph S. Singleton and James A. Conrad (Lone Eagle Publishing, Hollywood, Cal., 2nd edition, 2000): "product placement company -- Business specializing in providing manufacturers' brand-name products for use as onscreen props in theatrical films and television programs. The placement company receives a fee for arranging the deal between the manufacturer and production company. If a brand-name is not used, the Prop Department will create a fake brand-name product to use instead." There's no reference to a slang term.

How about "prop house"?

Paradoxically however, almost all prop houses (as they are known on the television side of the industry) or product placement companies - none of whom is subject to broadcasting regulations - offer their clients a guarantee that their products will not be shown in a negative light. Many say they see the scripts of programmes before agreeing to hand over valuable props entrusted to them by their clients.
-- Paul Nuki and Nicholas Hellen, "Products 'Placed' on top TV shows," _The Sunday Times_ (London), April 25, 1999