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Walk on the wild side

Posted by E. on December 07, 1999

In Reply to: Walk on the wild side posted by Stefan Fuchs on December 06, 1999

: Hallo outside there !

: Can someone tell me the meaning of the phrase "Walk
: on the wild side ?".

: Please send me an email:


: thank you !

: p.s. so sorry about my bad english !

Well, if memory serves, at the extreme level it means drinking and/or drugging, partying and having sex outside the bounds of matrimony...usually at night when good Christian people are in bed asleep. That's what it means to me.

Sometimes a person might say this phrase in a joking manner. A friend decides to have a piece of toast for breakfast instead of cereal, "Hey! You're walking on the wild side."

There was a song several years ago. From that song, for some reason, I got the impression the singer was using the phrase to mean the "wild side" meant a homosexual encounter.

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