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´im gonna do you´

Posted by Bob on December 21, 2006

In Reply to: ´im gonna do you´ posted by Victoria S Dennis on December 21, 2006

: : hello! I would like to ask what exactly means ´im gonna do you´.( Not used in context like doing a favour or something.) It was used in British English and I am wondering wether it is a slang and what it means.
: Yes, it is British slang. It's always said with a heavy meaningful stress on "do", and is short for a number of cheery phrases - "do you a damage", "do you over" (meaning, "beat you up very thoroughly") "do for you" (finish you off, literally or figuratively) or even - though rarely - "do you in" (kill you). (VSD)

In US English, it can be a crude promise to have sex with you ... with an implied bit of force