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´im gonna do you´

Posted by Smokey Stover on December 21, 2006

In Reply to: ´im gonna do you´ posted by Smokey Stover on December 21, 2006

: : : : hello! I would like to ask what exactly means ´im gonna do you´.( Not used in context like doing a favour or something.) It was used in British English and I am wondering wether it is a slang and what it means.
: : : Yes, it is British slang. It's always said with a heavy meaningful stress on "do", and is short for a number of cheery phrases - "do you a damage", "do you over" (meaning, "beat you up very thoroughly") "do for you" (finish you off, literally or figuratively) or even - though rarely - "do you in" (kill you). (VSD)

: : In US English, it can be a crude promise to have sex with you ... with an implied bit of force

: I don't know to what degree U.S. television mirrors life, or whether it is as often the other way around, but on TV "to do someone" can be the act of either a man or a woman. And perhaps because men often gravitate towards the crudest verb around, it's at least as often women (sometimes, but not always, fallen ones) who use this expression to describe their activities with a man. It's my impression that this meaning of "do" is a recent one.

: I'm relying on the absence of any adverb in manca's question to define it as above. Were she to have said "I'm gonna do you next," the speaker could be a hairdresser or some other provider of personal servides.
: SS

What, has no one flayed me for my last post? In talking about personal services, who could be a more obvious provider of personal services than a woman who promises that she's going to do you.
Actually, I'm waiting for manca to give us a bit more of the context than she has. "I'm gonna do you" sounds a bit threatening. Victoria is probably close to the truth.