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Posted by Miri Barak on January 08, 2004

In Reply to: What is MT in biblical context posted by Shae on January 08, 2004

: : Hello dear friends
: : I came upon this MT while translating an article about biblical subject.
: : examples:
: : The first Hebrew word of Psalm 2:12 MT is clear enough
: : or
: : Unexplained MT "im lo" in vs. 2 fulfills a semantic and metrical function when attached to the end of vs. 1.

: : I could not find an acronym that could make sense here.
: : My thanks to you

: MT = Masoretic Text. There are several versions of the Old Testament, and each differs slightly from the other. The Masoretic Text version is favoured by Christians. See:

Thank you so much Shae - you helped me so much.
by the way - do you understand Hebrew?
You may well be able to help me in another abbreviation: UT, 'nt:II:25-26 ymlu lbh bsmht
This is some kind of ancient text but I could not find which. Does not look Biblical or from New Testimony to me.
Thanks again