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Stories and screenplays

Posted by R. Berg on April 14, 2001

In Reply to: Criminal slang posted by Igor Kurzin on April 14, 2001

: : : I know watching TV of course.

: ....:-))))) Christine, do have any links to short criminal stories or to some place where I could find verbs used in a sentence?
: Thank you for responding!

Some authors to look for are Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler (older) and Elmore Leonard (modern). I tried and didn't find any of their works there. Movies contain spoken criminal slang. Somebody else might know websites where movie scripts are reproduced.

These verbs are widely known in the U.S.:
"Pack" = to carry (a weapon). "He's packing a knife."
"Spring" = to release from jail or prison. "My lawyer thinks he can get me sprung."
"Cut" = to assault with a sharp instrument. "He cut a man in a bar last year."