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Posted by R. Berg on April 16, 2001

In Reply to: Stories and screenplays posted by Q on April 16, 2001

: : :
: : : : : I know watching TV of course.

: : : ....:-))))) Christine, do have any links to short criminal stories or to some place where I could find verbs used in a sentence?
: : : Thank you for responding!

: : Some authors to look for are Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler (older) and Elmore Leonard (modern). I tried and didn't find any of their works there. Movies contain spoken criminal slang. Somebody else might know websites where movie scripts are reproduced.

: : These verbs are widely known in the U.S.:
: : "Pack" = to carry (a weapon). "He's packing a knife."
: : "Spring" = to release from jail or prison. "My lawyer thinks he can get me sprung."
: : "Cut" = to assault with a sharp instrument. "He cut a man in a bar last year."

: Here's some I remember from mob movies and Brooklyn friends.

: On the lamb = in hiding
: Lifted, fenced or fell from a truck = Stolen merchandise.
: Cap him or Clip him = to shoot him.
: 5-0 = The police.
: Cannery = informer to police.
: On the hot seat = to be interrogated by police.
: Below radar = to steal undetected by security or cameras.
: Five-finger discount or palming = Stealing.
: To cop a tude = to give someone a cold attitude.
: To turn state = turning in (to the D.A.) evidence for convicting someone.
: Wear a wire = to have a recording device hidden on you.
: To get padded down = to be checked for weapons or recording devices.
: Bug a phone or wire tap = Law enforcement listening in to phone coversations.
: Took care of that thing for you = I finished your request.
: Mo-Fo = Less volgar way to say "mother-fucker."
: (also: Mother-humper and Fother-mucker)

A spelling (typing?) error in the first item in the previous post: It should be "on the lam."

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