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Foul language

Posted by Shkval on November 06, 2003

I want to ask our English/American-speaking forum readers and writers about foul language.

Could you be so kind as to point me some good links to "theoretical reference", please?
Next question is about usage - where is the limits? Are F-words THAT really bad?
What about "damn", "sh1t", etc.?
What about you/your children - use it or not?
What is your own point of view about the subject?
What do you think about usage of explicit/foul/obscene language in films (there are a lot of)? Is it OK? How do you feel whatching "Pulp fiction" or "Snatch" just for example?

My question is related with films, books and other cultural/sub-cultural products in order to find proper equivalent with Russian. There are a lot of opinions about such correlation, so I'd like to know your opinion.

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