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Thanks all! To specify...

Posted by Shkval on November 07, 2003

In Reply to: Foul language posted by Shkval on November 06, 2003

I've read with great interest, now I'll specify the question.

The most problems come (of course!) with F-words.
Do this colloquialisms (see below) have any "level of severity"? What are the most offensive?
As far as I see, F-words are really "restricted"? (The most diffused opinion is that English swearings is much "softer" than Russian one, and much interpreters replace for example "F*ck!" with "Devil!" (in Russian) or other soften stuff, which I don't find done right).

Dismay - Oh! F*ck it!
Aggression - F*ck you.
Passive - F*ck me.
Command - Go f*ck yourself.
Incompetence - He's a f*ck-up.
Laziness - He's a f*ck off.
Ignorance - He's a f*cking jerk.
Trouble - I guess I'm f*cked now.
Confusion - What the f*ck.
Despair - F*cked again.
Philosophical - Who gives a f*ck?
Denial - You ain't f*cking me.
Rebellion - F*ck the world.
Annoyance - Don't f*ck with me.
Encouragement - Keep on f*cking.
Etiquette - Pass the f*cking salt.
Fraud - I got f*cked by my insurance agent.
Difficulty - I can't understand this f*cking business.
Identification - Who the f*ck are you?
Agreement - You're f*cking right.
Benevolence - Don't do me any f*cking favors.