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Foul language

Posted by James Briggs on November 06, 2003

In Reply to: Foul language posted by Bob on November 06, 2003

: : I want to ask our English/American-speaking forum readers and writers about foul language.

: : Could you be so kind as to point me some good links to "theoretical reference", please?
: : Next question is about usage - where is the limits? Are F-words THAT really bad?
: : What about "damn", "sh1t", etc.?
: : What about you/your children - use it or not?
: : What is your own point of view about the subject?
: : What do you think about usage of explicit/foul/obscene language in films (there are a lot of)? Is it OK? How do you feel whatching "Pulp fiction" or "Snatch" just for example?

: : My question is related with films, books and other cultural/sub-cultural products in order to find proper equivalent with Russian. There are a lot of opinions about such correlation, so I'd like to know your opinion.

: I don't know where to begin answering these very difficult questions, because the rules of the game keep changing, and language which was socially unacceptable a short time ago is now used in "polite company," and all the borders are blurry at best. What is vulgar, or rude, or shocking, or mildly amusing varies enormously (at least in the U.S.) by age, demographics, region, race, cultural subgroup, social setting, the presence of children, and the amount of alcohol consumed.

The above description of the US applies equally well to the UK. Things are acceptable now which were absolutely taboo when I was a lad.