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Phrase: chicken in a basket

Posted by James Briggs on September 03, 2003

In Reply to: Phrase: chicken in a basket posted by athos on September 03, 2003

: This paragraph appears in the new Tom Clancy novel "The Teeth of the Tiger" on p. 119 of the hard-cover edition. Can anybody tell me what "chicken in a basket" refers to?

: "'Lots of services enlist the help of hookers,' Wills explained. 'They don't mind talking, and for the right wad of cash they'll do just about anything. Uda here likes chicken-in-a-basket. Never tried that myself. Asian specialty."

It's a form of fast food - pieces of chicken fried in a wire basket and possibly served in the same basket. Popular in British pubs, where most now sell food as well as drink.