Partner Management system

Posted by Miri Barak on September 03, 2003

It's been long time since I asked a question.
I have to translate a description of a site for marketing and I have a difficulty in understanding a certain quality: I'll quote:
"Partner Management System:
Lets Partner profile themselves, see their sales/customer add info, shows detailed suport history for partner and their customer, end users, and more."

First I wonder if Partner is a name I have to keep also in Hebrew, or translate, is it the name of the system or it means associate.
I don't understand why Partner is in singular and than they say: lets partner profile themselves... see their... is it the company or many partners who use this sit.
Who is this Partner? the site management or the clients?
I also have difficulty in understanding "Sales/customer add info

I'll be most grateful to you if you can help me understand this passage in any way.