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Thank you very much

Posted by Al on September 03, 2003

In Reply to: Thank you very much posted by Miri Barak on September 03, 2003

: : : : Hello!
: : : : It's been long time since I asked a question.
: : : : I have to translate a description of a site for marketing and I have a difficulty in understanding a certain quality: I'll quote:
: : : : "Partner Management System:
: : : : Lets Partner profile themselves, see their sales/customer add info, shows detailed suport history for partner and their customer, end users, and more."

: : : : First I wonder if Partner is a name I have to keep also in Hebrew, or translate, is it the name of the system or it means associate.
: : : : I don't understand why Partner is in singular and than they say: lets partner profile themselves... see their... is it the company or many partners who use this sit.
: : : : Who is this Partner? the site management or the clients?
: : : : I also have difficulty in understanding "Sales/customer add info

: : : : I'll be most grateful to you if you can help me understand this passage in any way.

: : : an additional question:
: : : pools
: : : context: the license configurator automatically adds up points, pools and license quantities.

: : : what is the meaning of pools?

: : : Thank you

: : I can't help you with the jargon. But the "Partner/their" part is just bad grammar. It should be: Lets partners profile themselves...

: : I am guessing that a partner is an associate...a fancy way of saying employee or worker. It's suppose to make a worker feel he or she has a vested interest in the company.

The three words "Partner Management System" are sometimes used together as the trade name for some sort of proprietary something i.e. you have to pay to learn more. I've no idea what you get if you pay. "Pools" is not uncommon in US management for "to combine (as resources) in a common fund or effort".