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Posted by R. Berg on March 15, 2003

In Reply to: "Daddy" posted by Prakash on March 15, 2003

: I don't know if this message qualifies for indecency although I hope not. It is a serious question and I hope someone will answer my question.

: When an american female says "Give it to me, daddy" while seducing a man who is not her father, what does it mean? Why "daddy"? Does it have any contextual meaning like a well known statement from a movie or a novel?

: Thanks
: Prakash.

The expression didn't originate in a movie or a novel, although it occurs in fictional dialogue. It's a traditional way of showing affection among some speakers (not most). I think the wife in "Come Back, Little Sheba" called her husband Daddy. It used to be fairly common for men in a certain social class (approximately lower-middle) in the US to call their wives Mother. I find these pet names offensive myself; they suggest that the person confuses legitimate relationships with incestuous ones.