Phrases from where you live

Posted by Gary Martin on December 12, 1999

Are there any phrases that originated where you live?

Here in Sheffield the phrases 'nose to the grindstone' comes from the early steel industry, where grinders lay face down on platforms over grindstones to sharpen and polish cutlery.

'The Full Monty' has also become associated with Sheffield as the eponymous film was located here, although that's a much earlier phrase of course.

I see lots of traffic to the site (2,000 people/day) and wonder where you all come from. Many from the USA of course. Looking at the log files it seems that the most common location is (if memory serves) Vienna Falls, Virginia. I'd guess that this is where an ISP like AOL hangs out rather than where any of you are sitting.

Anyway - where are you, and what phrases come from there?