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You too. Me too.

Posted by R. Berg on June 20, 2001

In Reply to: You too. Me too. posted by Yone on June 20, 2001

: Hi again!

: My American friends told me that 'Me, too.' is acceptable for the first one but it is not acceptable for the second one. They said I should use 'You too.' instead. Why is that? By the way do I need comma for both answers or it is optional?

: 1. I'm really glad to see you again.
: - Me, too.

: 2. Good to see you again.
: - You too.

: Thanks a lot.

: All the best,

: K. Yone

: PS. I asked one more English native and he said I should use 'Me too.' for both.

I agree with your American friends. Greeting #2 is short for "I find it good to see you again" or "I think it's good to see you again" or any other statement with that meaning. The only pronoun in #2 is "you"; there is no "I." If you answer with "Me too," you seem to be saying "Good to see ME again too" because "you" is the only word in what you're replying to that might be exchanged for "me." If you reply with "You too," that means "Good to see YOU again too."

There are different schools of thought about the comma. I don't think the comma is necessary there.