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Holding on by a thread/Red tape

Posted by Boyd B. McNiel on January 25, 2010 at 13:58

I read recently that the Phrase "holding on by a thread" and the phrase "Red tape" were specificaly connected by the bible verses in Genesis 38:28-30. The book written by J H Allen says Zerahs decendents married King Zeddikiah's daughter in Ireland and their decendents eventually came down to Queen Elisebeth in England. Mr. J H Allens Book says that the English navy has a red thread running through its ropes that tie the ship to its moreings. This way even if the ship sunk they could identify it by the rope. A red ribbion was once used to closes up military orders and that it could also be tied to the red ribbon on the United States Marine Uniform.

Do you have any way of checking this out. Thank you.