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Money makes the mare go

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on May 24, 2008 at 12:44

In Reply to: Money makes the mare go posted by Anu on May 24, 2008 at 07:30:

: What is the meaning of this phrase "money makes the mare go" and in which condition we can use it?

It's a traditional English nursery rhyme. The whole rhyme is:

Will you lend me your mare to ride a mile?
- No, she is lame leaping over a stile.
- Alack! and I must go to the fair!
I'll give you good money for lending your mare.
- Oh, oh! say you so?
Money will make the mare to go.

It's very old - this version comes from a manuscript of 1609 in the British Museum:

Wilt thou lend me thy mare to ride but a mile?
No, she's lame goinge over a stile.
but if thou wilt her to me spare,
thou shalt have mony for thy mare.
ho ho say you soe
mony shall make my mare to goe.

So the phrase means that if you are prepared to pay enough, most people will be willing to do something that at first they said they wouldn't or couldn't do. (VSD)