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First come,first serve(d)

Posted by Probe on March 30, 2007

In Reply to: First come,first serve(d) posted by pamela on March 29, 2007

: : : : which is the correct expression-Seats will be confirmed on a first come,first serve(d) basis

: : : I believe it's: first come, first served.

: : Yes, it is. I think we've discussed this one before. ~rb

: I think that "served" makes sense - since the first person to come (to the smorgasbord) is the first to be served. Someone I work with is in the habit of saying "Quick! Quick! Get in before the greedy people!" Pamela

This formula is also used in shipping meaning there is no advanced berth reservation procedure - the berths are assigned to the veseels in their arrival order.

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